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Potbot.Gameplay Namespace

The PotBot.Gameplay namespace contains classes used by the gameplay form of the application.

Public classCurrentHandState
This class contains information about the current hand. Retrieve the reference by calling the CurrentHandState property of the Ai class.
Public classMoneyAlreadyInvestedInHand
Holds 4 values indicating the amount of money that the player gave into the pot in the 4 stages of the hand.
Public classMoveFromPlayer
Represents a move of a player. Every move of every player is stored in the TablePlayer class. You can retrieve a list by calling DoneMoves. You can also use LastMove to only get the last move from that player.
Public classPotsManager
Represents 'the pot' including the main pot and side pots, if there are any. Retrieve the reference by calling the PotsManager property of the Ai class.