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CurrentHandState Class
This class contains information about the current hand. Retrieve the reference by calling the CurrentHandState property of the Ai class.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Potbot.Gameplay
Assembly: PotBot (in PotBot.exe) Version: (
public sealed class CurrentHandState : MarshalByRefObject

The CurrentHandState type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBridge
Gets the board/bridge with the community cards.
Public propertyGetBigBlind
Gets current bigblind.
Public propertyGetBigBlindPlayer
Getsthe player who had the big blind in the current hand.
Public propertyGetCurrentPlayer
Gets the player whose turn it is.
Public propertyGetHandNumber
Gets the number of hands already played including the current hand, starting with 1.
Public propertyGetHandStage
Gets the current stage of hand.
Public propertyGetNumberOfPlayers
Gets the number of all players at the table except those who already folded or are allin in the current hand.
Public propertyGetSmallBlind
Gets the current smallblind.
Public propertyGetSmallBlindPlayer
Gets the player who had the small blind in the current hand.
Public propertyGetStartedIntoHand
Gets the number of all players who started into the current hand (e.g. who got dealt cards).
Public propertyGetWhoHasToShow1St
Gets the player who has to open his cards first on a showdown.
Public methodPlayersStillToCome
Determines the number of players (0-9) still to act after (without) the current player, if nobody bets/raises again.
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