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TablePlayer Class
This class represents one player at the table.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Potbot.Gameplay.Players
Assembly: PotBot (in PotBot.exe) Version: (
public abstract class TablePlayer : Player, 

The TablePlayer type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDoneMoves
Returns a list of all moves from the player that he has done at the table.
Public propertyGetOwesPotts
Gets the money that player needs to call.
Public propertyGetStateOfPlayer
Gets the current state of the player
Public propertyLastMove
Returns the last MoveFromPlayer regardless of the hand it was done.
Public propertyMoneyAlreadyInvestedHand
Returns the amount of money that the player put from his stack to the pot during the current hand.
Public propertyMoneyWonInHand
Returns the money that the player won in the last hand. E.g. Money that he got out of the pot(s).
Public propertyNameofPlayer
Gets the name of the player.
Public propertySeatNumber
Gets the seat number of the player (0-9). This value does not change during the game. Seats are numbered clockwise beginning with 0 at the middle one in the lower line.
Public propertyStack
Gets the money, that player has left in his stack.
Public propertyWasMyLastMoveInStageARaise
Determines whether the last move in the current stage of the current hand was a bet, raise or reraise.
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