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MoveFromPlayer Class
Represents a move of a player. Every move of every player is stored in the TablePlayer class. You can retrieve a list by calling DoneMoves. You can also use LastMove to only get the last move from that player.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Potbot.Gameplay
Assembly: PotBot (in PotBot.exe) Version: (
public class MoveFromPlayer : MarshalByRefObject

The MoveFromPlayer type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDoneInHandNr
The number of hand this move was made. Get the number of the current hand with GetHandNumber.
Public propertyDoneInHandStage
The StageOfHand this move was made.
Public propertyMoveType
Returns the TypeOfMove of that move.
Public propertyValueOfMove
Returns the amount of money that was involved with that move. E.g.: The amount of money that the player put from his stack to the pot(s). In case of a fold or check this value is 0.
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