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PotBot Menu

Here you can choose your personal game settings. These settings can be saved and loaded with the menu.

                If you are playing at an Online Table, the saved cheat options are ignored when loading an options file.

"Preferences" tab

      1. Simulation Time:

Here you can set the time, that the bots have to time to for the simulation to evaluate their hand strength. The more time, the more games can be simulated and the more precise are the results.

The principle is the same as in the Showdown Calculator. This setting is only relevant before the flop, because in the following bet rounds the exact odds (enumeration of all possibilities) can be calculated very quickly. Besides that, this setting is only applied for AIs that are already included in PotBot Poker Suite. AIs that are developed by you are not affected.

      1. Show Message Boxes:

Select how many information you want to get with message boxes.

      1. Sounds:

This feature is planned for the next version.

      1. Automatically Show Or Muck On Showdown:

If you check this option, PotBot Poker Suite decides for you if you show your cards at a showdown or not. Your cards will be showed, if there is still a chance for you to win money from a pot. If there is no chance for you to win money, your cards will be mucked.

Sometimes you have to show your cards mandatorily at a showdown, i.e. if you did the last bet/raise on the river. If there was no bet/raise after the river, the first player after the button has to show.


'Cheat' Options

      1. Let PotBots Play Open-Handed:

With this option checked, you can see all pocket cards of all players during the game. This setting doesn't affect the decisions of the bots.        

      1. Show 'Deal Hole Cards Again' Button:

After the cards have been dealt, you will see a button, with which you can deal all cards again if you want to.

      1. Show Details-Box On Your Turn:

If it's your turn you will see an area in the upper right corner with the odds to win/tie or lose the hand in a hypothetical showdown (The cheat option "Let PotBots Play Open-Handed will be ignored for the calculation of the odds). Additionally you get the proposed move by all available AIs, which you can instantly carry out by clicking "OK!".

      1. Show Luck With Hole Cards For All Players in the 'Game Statistics' Menu:

With this option you can see the numbers for all players in on the Luck / Bad Luck tab in the Statistics menu, not only yours.

      1. Allow Peeking At Opponent's Cards

Behaves like the option "Let PotBots Play Open-Handed", except that the cards only become temporarily visible, when you click on them.

      1. Cheat-Mode For Hole Cards:

With this option you can define hole cards that you or any opponent will get dealt always. Therefore you select the player first and then one of 4 options:

For the above 2 options applies: If there is no free combination of hole cards in the chosen percentage range, it will automatically be broadened by the minimum.

      1. Set Next Dealer:

Choose the dealer for the next hand.


    Closes the current table.

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