Offline Table

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Offline Table

If you click on "Play against PotBots" on the cockpit form another form opens, where you can select the following:

  1. Your nickname for the game.
  2. The stack that every player has at the beginning.
  3. The number of players (2-10).
  4. Choice: Cash game or tournament.
  5. The blinds. In a cash game the blinds stay the same during the whole game. For a tournament, you can specify the rise of the blinds exactly.

After confirmation, the table form opens, in which you play against the bots:

The box of the player whose turn it is, is marked bright green. Every action of the player is displayed graphically and logged in the box "Current Action".

If it's your turn, you can either "Fold", "Call" or "Raise". You can choose the amount you want to raise by entering the number into the input field, using the slider or pressing the button "1/2 pot" or "1xpot".

The game continues as long as there are at least 2 players remaining at the table.

You can change your name and the stack of all players before the 1st hand has started by double clicking onto your name or the stack of the relevant player.

You can view details of the current pot by right clicking on the field "Pot Size". A menu with all existing pots and possible side pots opens with the current money in the pot in brackets. If you select one pot, you see all the players still competing for this pot with the money invested into this pot so far by the selected player.

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