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In PotBot Poker Suite 4 AIs (Artificial intelligence ) are included, which are randomly assigned to the opponents when the table starts. The AI is the part of the program, where the opponent evaluates the game and accordingly makes one of the following decisions: Fold, Check/Call, Bet/Raise.

Because the task of writing a strong AI for Poker is difficult and the 4 included AIs are rather weak, there is the opportunity to program your own AIs and integrate them into PotBot Poker Suite. You can then compete with your own AIs or let them play against each other.

There are two sample projects of one AI in the folder "YourAI", implemented in C# and These projects contain documented source code and should help you getting started with programming with the AI API . If you compile the project, you have to copy the resulting .dll file into the folder ..\PotBot Poker Suite\AIs. When your start a new Offline Table, all AIs from that folder will be loaded automatically and randomly assigned to the computer opponents. You can change these assignments in the "Table Menu".

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