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Statistics Menu

In the 4 tabs of the game statistics you can find information about the course of the game.        

Shows how many hands have been played to which stage. You can narrow your selection of the number of players who have been played the hand (have not been deactivated). If you select "ALL PLAYERNUMBERS", there is no limitation and all hands are counted.

Shows the graphs of the stack amounts, which the players had at the beginning of the round. You can show/hide graphs of players by clicking the relevant checkboxes.


Here you can check, whether your pockets you got dealt were rather good or bad. If you selected the cheat option Show Luck With Hole Cards For All Players in the 'Game Statistics' Menu, you will see values for all players, not only yours.


Shows the type of moves that the players did in the different game stages. You can choose two values from the combo boxes: One player (or all added up) and one bet round (or all added up). If you e.g. select "PotBot1" and "Flop", you can see how often PotBot1 made what decision on the flop.


Here you can find a little collection of interesting numbers/odds concerning poker in general. If you have suggestions, please mail them to


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