Server Table

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Server Table

When you click on "Start a Server" on the Cockpit form another form "Create a New Table" opens, where you can define the following:

  1. Your nickname for the game.
  2. The stack that every player has at the beginning.
  3. The number of players (2-10)
  4. The protocol to use (IPv4 or IPv6).
  5. Choice: Cash Game or Tournament.
  6. The blinds. In a cash game the blinds stay the same for the whole game. In a tournament you can exactly define the rise of the blinds.

This form differs from the one of the Offline Table only in the additional item 4.

After confirmation the form "Server - Waiting For Players" opens, in which you can see the already connected players:

Players who want to connect to your server have to enter your IP address displayed in box. If all players (specified in item 3) have connected, the server starts the game for all players automatically.

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