PotBot Showdown Calculator

The Showdown Calculator is a tool included in PotBot Poker Suite to determine the chances for a win, loss or tie in Texas Hold 'Em Poker for 2 - 10 players. This is achieved by simulating a high number of hands to get results that are close to the real result (Monte Carlo simulation) or a complete calculation of the real (exact) results by enumerating all possible combinations. The problem is that enumeration is very time-consuming if there is a high number of possible combinations. In such cases a simulation is used to approximate the results. There are two different types of hand evaluations in "PotBot Showdown Calculator" you can choose, which will affect both simulation and enumeration:


  • Blazingly fast hand evaluation using all your CPU cores
  • Supports enumeration and simulation
  • Load and save your showdowns
  • Drag n drop cards
  • Specify up to 10 "Dead Cards"