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Thanks to:

A thread in the 2+2 Forum (Website ) and Ray Wotton especially.

James Devlin for his article and his "XPokerEval".

Cactus Kev (his site ). The "standard" calculation method is based on his evaluation function.

Paul Senzee (his site ) for his optimization for Cactus Kev's algorithm.

David Bellot for the pictures of the cards (his site ).

InnoSetup (Website ). Tool for creating the installer of PotBot showdown calculator.

GIMP (Website ). Image Manipulation Program, that I used for creating various graphics.

HelpNDoc (Website ). Freeware tool for creating this help.

ZedGraph  (Website ). Tool for creating the graphs in PotBot Poker Suite.

Bitbucket (Website ). Free SCCS.

Hedi and Philipp.

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