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License agreement:

The Software is Freeware. You may use the software as long as you like on as

many computers as you like. The Software is not Public Domain Software.

The copyright and all property rights of the software and the source code

remain with Lukas Sulzbacher. You may use and pass the software under the

following circumstances:

Warranty conditions:

The software and its documentation are offered without any warranty. The author

doesn't give any explicit or implicit warranties for the software and the

documentation, including but not limited to warranties concerning appearance,

usability for a certain purpose or that it is usual in the market. Neither does

the author warrant that the functions of the software meet your demands, nor

that the software has no errors and works without interruptions, nor those

errors are removed within the software or the documentation.


Under no circumstances (including negligence) is the author vicariously liable

for loss of income or losses of any kind, caused by the use or missing

possibility of use of the software or the documentation. This also applies, if

the author was informed about the possibility of such cases. Some Countries do

not allow limitations of warranties or disclaimers. In these cases the

limitation of warranties respectively the disclaimer is not effective for you.

Eventual claim for damages are limited to the amount of the paid license fee.


Software and documentation are Copyright (c) by Lukas Sulzbacher.

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